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To cover the costs of our next issue, we need you lot to get a digital copy of our last issue for just 99p. Here's why.

We have never asked for funding for our print and digital magazine, and that perhaps reflected in the quality of our first two issues. I say 'we', and 'our', but in actual fact I run this magazine myself. The first issue (September 2019) was produced mid-way through my final year at secondary school, and with no background in design, it was a very obvious first attempt. But with each issue, I began to understand what looks good and what doesn't. ISSUE 03 received lots of praise for its design, but we don't want to stop there.

We're yet to break through the 100 sales mark for a single issue. I haven't been able to pay writers to date. And I've only just invested in software for all my design work. The thing is, I believe our next issue could be the one to 'take off'. But with such small profits, and as a student starting first-year uni in September, we need your support to get us over the line. Over a thousand of you follow us on Twitter, and if just two hundred of you were to buy a digital copy of ISSUE 03 for just 99p, it would make such a difference. I'm not going to say that our third issue was the best magazine ever produced, but it wasn't bad either. It's certainly worth your time, and 99p. Crucially, it could be the key to kick-start ISSUE 04, and our long-term projects. Our next issue (August 2020) could be something really special. But to make the necessary improvements, and to simply afford to pay for writing, photography and illustrations, I need you.

Creating and designing the magazine is something which I absolutely love, and with your support, I can take it to the next level to create a better product in time for ISSUE 04's release in August.

I'd also like to thank everyone who ordered a print copy of ISSUE 03, which has now sold out.

Order ISSUE 03 - Digital here: https://futbolistamag.bigcartel.com/product/issue-03-digital

Thanks for reading, and please share if you can.

Archie Willis

Editor at FUTBOLISTA Magazine

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£25.00 + postage

A one-off payment which guarantees you a copy of our next four issues, starting with ISSUE 05.

New issues released every February, May, August and November.

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