News: Magazine Schedule for Winter 2021-22

Updated: Apr 30

Words: Archie Willis

ISSUE 09 of FUTBOLISTA Magazine will be released in mid-January 2022, as we update readers on plans for the next few months.

With ISSUE 09 now scheduled for January 2022, this means we were unable to produce four issues in 2021 as promised. We're really disappointed by that, and will ensure that a minimum of four new issues of FUTBOLISTA Magazine are released within 2022. Unfortunately, as I run the magazine on my own, my university studies had to be prioritised over the last few months which has caused these setbacks with the release of new issues. I apologize to subscribers for this, but can also confirm that no changes are necessary for existing subscriptions. Whether you're one issue into a subscription or three issues in, ISSUE 09 is still the next edition for you and will be delivered during January 2022.

To reiterate, four new issues are set to be released during 2022 with the possibility of a World Cup special later in the year. I'll endeavour to release these four issues on time with some better planning undoubtedly needed on my part.

As such, we're now inviting submissions for ISSUE 09 (January 2022). I realize there are already a number of emails in our inbox awaiting responses, and I'll get to work on that immediately. If you would like to contribute to ISSUE 09 or future issues of FUTBOLISTA Magazine, please use our contact form:

There are no set requirements for writers, photographers or artists interested in working with us, we simply ask for an understanding of what our magazine is all about. FUTBOLISTA Magazine is usually focused on:

- Football/fan culture stories such as interviews with fans or trips to memorable matches (ideally with some of your own photography for us to use, even if taken on a smartphone), e.g.

- Football history/nostalgia articles, e.g.

- Football and its relationship with society, politics, history etc, e.g.

- Photo essays

- Report from the country you're writing from on the state of football, domestic league, particular club, national competition, national team etc in the style of FourFourTwo Magazine

- We also work with artists and could display your work in the magazine as a feature, or work on a particular commission

If you'd like to become a stockist of FUTBOLISTA Magazine, please contact our distribution company Central Books Ltd at with details on your shop and arrangements.

ISSUE 08 is also still available to order from our online shop for £7.99 plus postage:

We'll be back in January 2022 with a brand new mag. See you then,

Archie Willis - Editor at FUTBOLISTA Magazine

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