Milan Club Tunis

Updated: May 21

Words: Wajih M'Zoughi

Images: Milan Club Tunis

TUNIS – We asked our friend Wajih M’Zoughi from Milan Reports to describe the growing milanisti community in Tunisia’s capital.

“Here in Tunisia, there’s a lot of passion for football, especially for European football. Right now, the culture of having community fan clubs is growing stronger than ever. There are many communities, such as the ones for AC Milan. As for Milan Fan Club in Tunis, capital of Tunisia, we are many. We have rules and ritual: we have our own coffee shop where we meet and watch AC Milan matches. We cheer for them, yell, jeer as if we’re watching at San Siro. You can really just feel the love even far away from Italy. It’s always a really special sight, the whole group wearing red and black shirts. We can be far away, but the passion for the colours never fade away, they never really do as Rui Costa said “once AC Milan flows through your veins, it’ll flow forever in your blood.

One thing I’ll always remember is the screamer from Locatelli against Juventus, the passion, the screams of joy we had at that moment, we were all happy, one man started crying tears of joy. Some of us even memorise Milan chants, of course besides the slogans and mottos. We have communities at the capital of Tunisia, but there are more communities emerging in other states especially now that the club has been doing relatively better. However we can’t watch games like before due to COVID-19 but we are looking forward to our next gathering to celebrate our club.”

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Wajih M'Zoughi is a member of Milan Club Tunis and also writes for Milan Reports.

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