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Updated: May 21

Words: Taylor Battistella

Images: Milan Club Melbourne

MELBOURNE – Founding President of Milan Club Melbourne Taylor Battistella on the ‘realisation of a dream’ in Australia.

“Our club is 16,000kms away from our team, in Milan. Most of our membership base have Italian roots, and watch with us as a way to connect with the Italian community in Melbourne.

Our club is relatively young, and we have a vision of being recognised worldwide, for the great and unique match-day events for our local members.

Our events certainly are unique. Living so far away, prime-time games can be from 4:45-6:45AM, while normal time-slot games are at 2AM. Passion or legitimacy isn’t something anyone can accuse our club of lacking. The biggest treat for our club is a mid-day game in Italy during winter, meaning that we are able to host our games at 8:30PM.

Being an Australian club, going to a San Siro game is no mean feat. It is over 24 hours away! Our club’s dream, is to attend an event at the San Siro together - ideally a derby or Champions League game. I have personally lived in Milan the past year - and am currently blocked from returning to Australia due to COVID - where I attended matches with members over the season.

A highlight of our club was our first ever event against Inter where we hosted close to 75 people, but unfortunately we went down to a late Icardi strike. Nonetheless, it was the realisation of a dream - finally having a Milan Club in Melbourne. Our best match-day atmosphere was against Benevento in that same season - an evening game for us - although in the final minutes believe it or not, we were left shocked after the Benevento goalkeeper scored a header from a corner to level the scores 2-2.”

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Taylor Battistella is the founding president of Milan Club Melbourne. @milanmelbourne

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